Covid-19 Rise, Vaccine Hesitancy Frustrate Doctors in Hospitals Saturated by the Delta Variant – The Wall Street Journal

Some health care employees say the newest surges in Covid-19 are contributing to tiredness and burnout. This time exhaustion is amplified by something new: disappointment over the insufficient uptake of vaccines that could have prevented most Covid-19 clients from landing in their care.
The Delta variation has risen U.S. Covid-19 infections to averages of about 100,000 a day, federal information reveal, levels last breached prior to vaccines were offered to many Americans. Hospitalizations and deaths have actually climbed up less sharply nationwide, however in some parts of the country where vaccination rates are lower, more individuals are hospitalized for Covid-19 than ever.
“The mood is more disappointed than anything,” said Claire White, an intensive-care-unit nurse at Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas in Rogers, Ark. More than 1,000 Covid-19 patients are hospitalized throughout Arkansas, according to federal information, nearing the states all-time peak in January of just under 1,200 clients.
“Its far too late for them to get the vaccine, and a lot of them are realizing it, so its been quite demoralizing,” she said.
Earlier in the pandemic, healthcare workers tending to Covid-19 patients in overrun healthcare facilities were lauded as heroes. Numerous self-isolated from family and liked ones for weeks or months to keep them safe. Some got ill or died. Lots of pushed forward to assist reduce the suffering as waves of clients moved through healthcare facilities and ICUs.

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