COVID-19 live updates: Biden admin expected to recommend booster shots for vaccinated Americans – ABC News

Another field hospital with critical care capability is now under construction on the University of Mississippi Medical Centers campus– just days after the first in the state was opened in the parking garage of the medical center.The opening comes in reaction to a record variety of COVID-19-related hospitalizations throughout the state, and an “significantly alarming” crisis, the medical facility said on Monday.On Monday, Samaritans Purse started establishing the 2nd surge center for adult patients in another parking lot on the UMMC school. Medical staff from the company will provide care for up to 32 clients at a time. The facility will include 5 intensive care beds.” We have around 30 patients statewide, including upwards of 10 individuals at UMMC, waiting on ICU beds at any given time,” Dr. LouAnn Woodward, vice chancellor of health affairs and dean of the School of Medicine at UMMC, stated in a statement. “These shocking numbers prove simply how critical the COVID-19 crisis remains in the state.” Hospitals around the state will continue to move badly ill COVID-19 patients to UMMC for a higher level of care.-ABC News Arielle Mitropoulos

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