Coronavirus vaccine: Do you need an antibody test after getting vaccinated? – Times of India

On paper, antibody tests seem like a good concept to measure immune action in respect of vaccination. Its not definitely neccessary to get one done. Unless you are specifically encouraged, getting antibody tests pre/post vaccination may not be really needed.However, even if you do get one, its crucial to know that the outcomes might not be entirely foolproof.Some specialists worry that the antibody tests available to the public right now may not be able to specifically map out the vaccine-generated antibodies. If it is to be deployed for larger sections, it might not be financially practical as well.For those deciding to get antibody tests prior to scheduling their appointments, professionals recommend to not fully rely on the test results. Since natural resistance with COVID is complicated and might decrease, getting vaccinated, whether or not you do get enough antibodies is crucial, and thinking about the rising cases, the need of the hour. It might assist you delay or schedule your visit a tad bit later on, however its still better to get the jab. As long as you get your 2 doses on time, follow all requisite precautions and practice fundamental health, you will have enough protection from the lethal infection.

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