Coronavirus cases so low L.A. may soon try to reopen schools – Los Angeles Times

Despite troubling numbers of youths passing away of COVID-19, Los Angeles Countys primary medical officer said Thursday that brand-new coronavirus cases may soon drop enough to enable officials to get waivers to resume elementary schools.During an online press conference, Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser noted that waivers can be looked for to reopen schools when cases are below 200 for every 100,000 people for 2 weeks.Over the last two weeks, officials have actually reported 27,739 new cases, which totals up to 275 per 100,000, however Gunzenhauser said that number was gradually dropping.”We do think we might come down to under 200 in the future,” he stated.
He stated more young people are now being hospitalized for the disease, and they likewise are likely to recover more quickly than older patients.But he alerted that more youthful individuals are dying from the illness, and the portion of people aged 18 to 29 hospitalized for COVID-19 has actually doubled to 10%. Of the roughly 5,400 individuals in the county who have actually passed away of COVID-19, 440 were aged 18 to 41 with no hidden health conditions, he said.
The underlying conditions that make clients most at risk for serious disease and death are high blood pressure, which prevails among those 65 and older, and diabetes, a condition that impacts 10% of the countys population, he said.He also reported a positive trend in proficient nursing homes, where extensive testing and protective devices are now stemming infections.
The county now has about 9 retirement home deaths a week, down two-thirds from a high of 27 in April, he stated.
The number is “still a lot of,” he stated, “however it does show our steps are working.”There have actually been 13,120 COVID-19 infections amongst healthcare employees and first responders in the county. Two-thirds of them are females, almost half are Latino, and majority are between the ages of 18 and 40, he said.More than 37% of those infected were nurses.

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