Coronavirus cases at Beak & Skiff heighten county’s concern about big – but legal – crowds –


Syracuse, N.Y.– Onondaga County health officials are taking a more difficult appearance at the capacity for coronavirus spread at apple orchards, pumpkin patches and other “agritourism” sites in the wake of news that 5 individuals tested positive for Covid-19 after checking out Beak & & Skiff orchard Saturday in LaFayette.Hundreds of individuals, consisting of the group of infected individuals, milled the premises during picture-perfect weather Saturday at Beak & & Skiff Apple Farms, a scenario that could quickly repeat itself throughout the upcoming holiday weekend.The orchard and other agritourism services are not restricted by the guvs basic order restricting events to 50 people, county spokesperson Justin Sayles stated. Instead, they can permit visitors up to 33% of regular capacity, according to state health department regulations.Beak & & Skiff, one of the most significant and best-known orchards in the nation, can accommodate roughly 6,000 people under normal conditions and 2,000 or so even under the states coronavirus restrictions, Sayles said.With the capacity for hundreds of people in one location, social and mask-wearing distancing are especially crucial to prevent virus transmission, Sayles said. The image above, taken Sept. 26, shows numerous clients without masks.County authorities have received at least 2 current complaints versus Beak & & Skiff declaring that the orchard has actually stopped working to comply with some aspect of the state regulations to prevent coronavirus, Sayles stated.

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