CNN Fires Three Employees For Coming To Work Unvaccinated

CNN has fired three staff members for going to work without being vaccinated versus COVID-19.

Ric Feld/AP

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Ric Feld/AP

CNN has actually fired 3 employees for going to work without being immunized versus COVID-19.

Ric Feld/AP

NEW YORK– CNN has fired three staff members who violated company policy by coming to work unvaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.CNN chief Jeff Zucker told staff members of the firing in a memo sent out Thursday that reminded them that vaccines were obligatory if they report to the office or out in the field where they come into contact with other workers. CNN offered no information on the firings, or where the employees were based.Most of CNNs offices are currently open on a voluntary basis, and Zucker stated more than a third of news personnel members have actually returned. Even in offices where mask-wearing is not mandated, individuals should do what feels comfortable to them “without any fear of retaliation or judgment from colleagues,” he said.The CNN memo likewise stated a planned Sept. 7 company-wide return to the office will be delayed till at least early to mid-October.

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