Clothing factory in DTLA ordered to close after 300 employees test positive for COVID-19, 4 die – FOX 11 Los Angeles

The businesss manufacturing complex on 59th Street was initially closed June 27 after inspectors found “ostentatious” infractions of infection-control procedures and the company “failed to comply” with the countys investigation of what were then about 150 overall infections.” According to the department, detectives asked the business for a list of all employees so it could be compared with testing outcomes, but the company failed to offer it. CDC broadens list of high-risk conditions for COVID-19 problems The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made revisions to its list of underlying medical conditions that put people at a greater threat of serious issues from the novel coronavirus.In late June, inspectors discovered infractions at the facility of distancing requirements and infection-control protocols, according to the department, keeping in mind that the business was using cardboard as a barrier in between workers.On July 4, the company sent out the department an “insufficient list” of employees, and by then 198 favorable cases had actually been reported.

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