Children hospitalized with COVID-19 in U.S. hits record number – Reuters

Aug 14 (Reuters) – The number of children hospitalized with COVID-19 in the United States struck a record high of just over 1,900 on Saturday, as healthcare facilities throughout the South were stretched to capacity battling break outs triggered by the extremely transmissible Delta variant.The Delta version, which is quickly spreading out amongst mostly the unvaccinated portion of the U.S. population, has actually caused hospitalizations to spike in recent weeks, driving up the number of pediatric hospitalizations to 1,902 on Saturday, according to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.Children currently make up about 2.4% of the countrys COVID-19 hospitalizations. The administration of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has actually threatened to withhold financing from districts that enforce mask requirements, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott is appealing to the state Supreme Court to reverse Dallas Countys mask mandate, the Dallas Morning News reported on Friday.A fifth of the nations COVID-19 hospitalizations are in Florida, where the number of hospitalized COVID-19 clients struck a record 16,100 on Saturday, according to a Reuters tally. The number of hospitalized COVID-19 clients is at a six-month high, and an average of 600 individuals are passing away each day of COVID-19, double the death rate seen in late July.Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oregon have reported record numbers of COVID-19 hospitalizations this month, according to a Reuters tally, pushing healthcare systems to run beyond their capability.

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