Child with COVID dies during vaccinated familys trip to Hawaii – SF Gate

It was the very first coronavirus-related death of a kid because age range in Hawaii.

The kids parents were fully vaccinated and were tested for COVID-19 before traveling to Hawaii.

” I can verify that both moms and dads had been checked and both had actually evaluated negative,” Baehr stated. “Which indicates that this child was not contaminated by COVID from the moms and dads.”

“While the moms and dads appear to have actually taken the actions to insulate the child from COVID by, you know, getting immunized and they were evaluated before they came, this kid still somehow was contaminated with the infection and eventually caught it,” Baehr stated.

“Anyone who might be on the fence on getting immunized might take a look at this and go, oh, my goodness, I wish to safeguard myself, but I wish to protect, you understand, my loved ones and really people I do not even understand,” Baehr said.

Department of Health spokesman Brooks Baehr said the child began to show signs shortly after arriving in the state and was taken to a health center, where he later on died.

People taking a trip to Hawaii have the ability to utilize a negative coronavirus test to be exempted from the states 10-day quarantine guideline for inbound travelers. Children under 5 are not needed to be evaluated prior to arrival. If the kid had actually been checked, Baehr did not know.

No further info about the case was launched due to the fact that of personal privacy laws, Baehr said.

There have actually been 479 reported deaths linked to COVID-19 in the state.

HONOLULU (AP)– A child who traveled to Hawaii with his vaccinated moms and dads has died after contracting COVID-19. The Hawaii Department of Health stated Tuesday the kid is under 11 and had actually known hidden conditions.
” While we mourn all victims of COVID-19, todays announcement of the death of a kid from this infection is particularly heartbreaking,” Gov. David Ige stated in a declaration. “Dawn and I reveal our inmost condolences to the family and loved ones of this child.”

People traveling to Hawaii are able to utilize a negative coronavirus test to be exempted from the states 10-day quarantine rule for inbound tourists. Children under 5 are not needed to be tested prior to arrival. Baehr did not know if the child had been evaluated.

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