CDC Warns of Deli Meat Listeria Outbreak That Has Sickened 10 and Killed One – Gizmodo

Processed meats are shown in a grocery shop on October 26, 2015 in Miami, Florida.Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty Images)A foodborne outbreak of Listeria linked to deli meats has actually hospitalized at least ten individuals in three states and killed one, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At this point, there appears to be no single typical source of the break out, though all those interviewed reported recently consuming deli meats, both prepackaged and sliced up fresh from a regional deli.Listeria is an infrequent cause of food poisoning, accounting for about 1,600 estimated cases in the U.S. yearly. And if youre switching bologna pieces for the fresh things, keep in mind to clean your hands after dealing with any kind of raw or uncooked meat, and keep your meat separate from other food items.

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