CDC to Ban Dogs From 113 Countries for a Year Over Rabies Fears – Gizmodo

Theres been an extremely effective rabies vaccine offered for over a century– one that can even work if given shortly after direct exposure to the infection, prior to symptoms emerge, which can take weeks to months.Historically, rabid pets have been the significant source of rabies in humans. In the U.S., pet dog vaccination programs have driven the canine kind of rabies locally extinct because 2007, and human rabies has almost disappeared along with it. The very same cant be said everywhere, regrettably; canine rabies remains endemic in many parts of the world, and its approximated that 59,000 people pass away of the virus every year globally.In justifying the ban, CDC authorities are mentioning the pandemics effects on rabies vaccination programs, with lots of nations having suspended them for the time being, as well as an uptick in falsified vaccine cards used to get these pet dogs through assessment.

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