CDC says 9% of meatpacking plant workers have been diagnosed with Covid-19 – CNBC

President Donald Trump signed an executive order in late April under the Defense Production Act to compel meatpacking plants to stay open.The CDCs report compiles actions from 28 state health departments, five of whom did not report any validated cases connected to meat processing workers. Nearly 240 meat processing centers had at least one confirmed case amongst the workers, and more than 16,200 employees throughout 23 states have actually tested positive for the virus.The conditions of the meatpacking industry, which requires numerous workers to be in close contact with each other for long shifts, make social distancing nearly difficult. The CDC also kept in mind in its report that shared transportation to and from work and gather real estate also increase employees threat for exposure to the virus.Some meat producers have actually tried to step up protections for their workers, but others fell short.

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