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The WeekChuck Schumer floats magical parliamentary technique to provide Democrats more 51-vote victoriesA couple of crucial Senate Democrats dont appear ready to end the legislative filibuster, leaving the majority of President Bidens legal top priorities at the far edge of probability. However Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) thinks he may have discovered “a magical parliamentary technique” to get Democrats at least another legislative win in the 50-50 Senate, Politico reports. It includes budget reconciliation and an unknown area of the 1974 Congressional Budget Act. “If you understand one thing about the arcane subject of spending plan reconciliation, its that it can be utilized to pass legislation through the Senate with just 51 votes,” and “if you understand two things, its the simple majority guideline which reconciliation can be used just as soon as every fiscal year,” Politico discusses. Democrats passed their $1.9 trillion stimulus package through the unused financial 2021 budget, suggesting they can utilize reconciliation one more time this year, with the 2022 budget. If the Senate parliamentarian concurs with Schumers analysis of Section 304 of the 1974 spending plan law, Democrats can modify last years budget to pass more legislation through reconciliation. “Its not clear the number of additional reconciliation opportunities this theory would open up,” Axios reports, but it would add at least one more shot at avoiding the filibuster this year alone. “No last choice has been made on the legislative technique,” a Schumer assistant informed Axios. “Schumer wishes to optimize his alternatives to allow Senate Democrats several pathways to advance President Bidens Build Back Better program.” If Democrats do pursue the Section 304 technique, “the Senate parliamentarian will once again be the most powerful individual in Washington,” Politico reports. “It goes without saying that this is a bizarre method to govern. Nobody would create a system like this, where to pass even popular legislation senators look for to video game a rickety budgeting procedure and the most crucial Hill staffers are now the experts on these arcane guidelines devised in 1974 for the function of deficit reduction.” You can check out the relevant part of Section 304 at Politico. More stories from theweek.com5 cartoons about Bidens immigration troublesNike scrambles to distance itself from Lil Nas Xs Satan Shoes, which consist of human bloodTrump, in a tuxedo, regales Mar-a-Lago wedding party with grievances about Biden, losing the election

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