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According to the Center for Disease Control, the entire state of Michigan is recommended to wear masks inside and when crowded outdoors. Every county is at least a considerable risk of transmission.
” Weve been about a month behind a few of those early states in the delta rise,” stated Dr. Jennifer Morse, medical director for the District Health Department # 10.
Less than a month back, Michigan was looking a lot much better than the remainder of the nation. Today, they look the exact same with every county in orange and red on the COVID Transmission Tracking Map. Every county is either substantial or high risk for transmission, according to the CDC.
” Its highly likely that what is red will remain red, what is orange will end up being red,” stated Morse, “And will remain that method for a while.”
For how long is a while? Health professionals can only predict off previous experiences.
” There is now the expectation based on the last two rises that our hospitalization peak will remain in October,” said Morse, “Hopefully we will not see it that bad or that long because our vaccination rates are higher now than they were with our last rise.”
Red and orange counties are advised to use masks inside your home, no matter vaccination status. This is particularly pertinent as trainees are heading back to school.
” I personally speak to schools once a week, and over the last month, have actually followed messaging which follows the CDC recommended standards,” stated Morse, “That there need to be masking for all school buildings and activities K-12.”
Mason County Central? Mason County Eastern is going with no required of any kind.
This is what you see when delegated each district, some like that idea while others see a problem.
” The finest way would be if we simply had a statewide mandate since then its uniform throughout the entire state,” stated Morse, “We have school districts that do cross county lines and health department lines so it makes it extremely confusing if its left to the specific health department.”

Every county is either high or substantial threat for transmission, according to the CDC.
Mason County Central? Mason County Eastern is going with no mandate of any kind.

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