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FOX Business Edward Lawrence reports on the Trump administrations handle business like Fujifilm for the development of a coronavirus vaccine. The Wall Street Journal editorial page deputy editor Dan Henninger goes over investing in biotech business and the upcoming governmental election. Can you get the coronavirus twice?Scientists dont understand for sure yet, but they believe its unlikely.GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREHealth experts think individuals who had COVID-19 will have some immunity against a repeat infection. However they dont know just how much security or how long it would last.There have been reports of people testing positive for the infection weeks after they were thought to have recovered, leading some to think they may have been reinfected. More most likely, specialists say individuals were suffering from the same illness or the tests spotted residues of the initial infection. Theres likewise the opportunity tests might have been false positives.CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS BY THE DAY: WHAT TO EXPECTScientists say there has actually been no documented instance of a client spreading the infection to others after retesting positive.With comparable viruses, studies have actually revealed that people might fall sick once again three months to a year after their first infections. Its still too early to understand whether thats also possible with the coronavirus.THE COST OF CORONAVIRUS TREATMENT”Its quite emerging science,” said Dr. Philip Landrigan, director of the global public health program at Boston College.A small U.S. research study published last week also found the antibodies that combat the coronavirus may only last a couple of months in people with mild illness, recommending people might end up being prone again. Antibodies arent the only defense versus a virus, and the other parts of the immune system could likewise assist supply protection.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESSSettling the question of whether reinfection is possible is important. If it can take place, that might undermine the idea of “resistance passports” for returning back to workplaces. And it would not bode well for hopes of getting a lasting vaccine.

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