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When I finally started listening to my body throughout exercises, I understood it was screaming at me– in the type of regular pains and pains in my knees– to reassess my cardio routine.
After gyms and physical fitness centers closed in March, I had no access to the low-impact resources I regularly relied on, like a swimming pool or indoor cycling class, for a solid sweat. Because my downstairs next-door neighbors do not value high knees and leaping jacks at 6 a.m. (Can you blame them?), and, running became my go-to and only alternative for high-intensity cardio.
Overdoing it with running– specifically without switching things up or following an appropriate healing routine– always appears to irritate my knees, and unsurprisingly, thats exactly what took place. Missing my joint-friendly cardio approaches something fierce, I chose to budget for an indoor biking bike– validating the cost with the fact that I didnt have any intent to return to my gym.
A couple of weeks of essentially little to no cardio later on, it showed up at my doorstep– and I clipped in just a few hours later. The pedaling was a welcome remedy for pounding the pavement, and I was thrilled later on that night when I didnt need to break out my ice bag. Ive had my bike now for about two weeks, and Ive never ever sweat so much without pain.
I always understood that biking was a great low-impact exercise, however I wasnt as knowledgeable about the mechanisms of this activity, so I inspected in with Dr. Jasmine Marcus, PT, DPT, CSCS, for the specifics.
” Spinning is an excellent low-impact workout due to the fact that your complete body weight isnt going through your legs the method it does when youre strolling or running,” Dr. Marcus says. “Youre resting on the seat, but you can still get a terrific cardiovascular workout. This indicates less pressure is put on the joints in your legs, which can be excellent if youre in pain.”
While many with knee discomfort will find biking especially helpful, Dr. Marcus also mentions that biking isnt constantly terrific for those with knee discomfort– others can in fact experience discomfort during the activity. “Some individuals with knee pain, such as those with IT Band Syndrome, may find that the repeated movement in cycling more irritates the condition,” Dr. Marcus discusses. “Obviously if youre in adequate pain that you have to alter your activity, you must look for treatment.”
While Im so delighted that I have a brand-new cardio outlet, Im being mindful not to exaggerate it– Dr. Marcus discusses that if you do too much prematurely of any activity, you can injure yourself.
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While numerous with knee pain will discover cycling particularly valuable, Dr. Marcus also discusses that cycling isnt always great for those with knee pain– others can really experience pain throughout the activity. “Some people with knee pain, such as those with IT Band Syndrome, may find that the repeated motion in cycling additional irritates the condition,” Dr. Marcus explains. “Obviously if youre in enough discomfort that you have to alter your activity, you need to look for treatment.”

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