Breakthrough infections make up less than 3% of all COVID cases reported this year –

This data reveals that getting immunized decreases ones chance of contracting the virus and dying, local health officials say.

More than 88% of all coronavirus cases reported considering that May 6 have actually been among people who are not immunized.

Nearly 16,000 COVID-19 cases were reported among those who have actually currently got their shot given that the start of 2021, which is less than 3% of all cases reported.

By Maggie Brown, WRAL multiplatform producerThe number of development cases has more than doubled since Jan. 1, according to state information.

Ninety-two people who were already vaccinated have actually died from COVID-19 considering that the start of this year, state officials say, which is a little bit more than 1% of all reported coronavirus deaths.

” When infections do occur after vaccination, they are usually less serious than infections in individuals who are unvaccinated, with 89% of COVID-19-related deaths considering that May 6 occurring in people who were not totally vaccinated,” according to a representative with the state Department of Health and Human Services.

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