Brain scans of coronavirus patients suggest ‘significant’ grey matter loss over time: study – Fox News

“Our findings hence consistently relate to loss of grey matter in limbic cortical areas directly connected to the main olfactory and gustatory system,” or areas in the brain related to the perception of smell and taste, authors wrote.ANY AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL CAN HARM THE BRAIN, STUDY SUGGESTSThe initial set of scans taken before the pandemic reinforces the findings, research study authors say, due to the fact that they help separate the impacts of COVID-19 disease from clients pre-existing health conditions.Researchers stated the 3 locations revealing a “considerable loss” in thickness and volume of grey matter among COVID-19 clients was the “parahippocampal gyrus, the lateral orbitofrontal cortex, and the remarkable insula,” later adding that the “greatest deleterious impacts of COVID-19 could be seen predominantly in the left hemisphere.”Results from the contrast of hospitalized patients “were not substantial,” but authors noted “comparatively comparable” findings to the larger group of coronavirus clients, “with, in addition, a greater loss of grey matter in the cingulate cortex, main nucleus of the amygdala and hippocampal cornu ammonis. Whether these unusual changes are the hallmark of the spread of the illness (or the virus itself) in the brain, which might prefigure a future vulnerability of the limbic system, consisting of memory, for these patients, remains to be investigated,” the study checks out.

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