Brain fog problem returns to haunt Covid-19 survivors – Deccan Herald

As the fast-moving 3rd wave moves towards its peak, cases of a debilitating post-Covid problem, “brain fog,” are currently being reported among survivors. The sign, which was noted in the second wave, is being reported in rising frequency among Covid-19 survivors of the ongoing 3rd wave.Dr N K Venkataramana, creator chairman and chief neurosurgeon, Brains Neuro Spine Hospital, specified that 25 to 30 percent of Covid-recovered patients go on to establish brain fog. The problem is marked by confusion and a failure to focus or make decisions, such as seeking medical care, which might have implications for illness intensity.” People are not able to focus, they feel sluggish and there is a sense of having actually lost their rhythm, which produces impediments to them getting back to work or acting,” Dr Venkataramana said.Also Read

At 50,210, Karnataka strikes single-day Covid highAccording to one telemedicine expert, occurrences of individuals reporting signs looking like brain fog began to increase a week back. “The issue appears to be manifesting earlier in the 3rd wave since of the severe throat discomfort that numerous individuals experience which avoids hydration and food consumption,” stated Dr Haleema Yezdani of the official telemedicine consultancy collective, StepOne.This was substantiated by Dr Venkataramana who stated that one of the ways out of brain fog is hydration and deep rest. “One of the first cases that I came across was a 50-year-old male in the city who stated that his whole household, including grownups and kids, had signs of the illness although none had been evaluated,” Dr Yezdani explained.

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