Beset by Coronavirus, Health Authorities Brace for Flu Season – The Wall Street Journal

The approaching flu season threatens to overwhelm physicians and healthcare facilities overloaded by Covid-19 clients, triggering extreme efforts to get people immunized against influenza.
Both the seasonal flu and the brand-new coronavirus infection are most likely to spread out in the fall and winter, and send a lot more sick clients to doctors healthcare facilities and offices already having a hard time to treat Covid-19 cases, health and market authorities state.
To decrease the pressure, drugmakers including AstraZeneca PLC, GlaxoSmithKline PLC and Sanofi SA are making about 200 million influenza shots this year for shipment to physicians, drug stores and medical facilities, up 13% from in 2015 and a record, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The federal government is likewise releasing a project encouraging people to get the shots, while pharmacies and drugmakers explore novel steps to ensure more people get immunized, like using influenza shots curbside.
“We dont want there to be an overwhelming of the health-care system,” stated Dr. Leonard Friedland, director of clinical affairs and public health for Glaxo, which last month began delivering about 50 million flu doses, up 10% from a year back.

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