Baton Rouge childrens hospital nears capacity, braces for surge in Covid cases ahead of the school year – CNN

At West Baton Rouge Schools, masks are recommended however not required for trainees when they go back to class Aug. 9, according to the districts site.

” Weve seen over the previous couple of weeks a pretty remarkable increase,” Dunbar told CNN by phone Friday. “An excellent number more of children are requiring hospitalization.”.

The health center is presently treating 7 Covid-19 clients, but Dunbar stated theyve had anywhere from eight to 12 clients daily. The hospital is up to about six admissions daily with about 50% of those clients going to the ICU, Dunbar stated.

The East Baton Rough Parish School System stated on its website that guidance will be launched Aug. 3, just a week prior to students are scheduled to start school on Aug. 11.

When the school year starts in simply a couple of weeks, Dunbar said he anticipates a boost in cases. Though the states health department suggests masking in schools, Dunbar stated each local district has control.

Dunbar stated the majority of childrens health centers this summertime, specifically in the south, have actually also been very hectic with RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

In getting ready for the expected rise, Dunbar said the medical facility is actually fortunate due to the fact that many southern medical facilities are experiencing staffing scarcities. Our Lady of the Lake will be increasing personnel and opening brand-new hospital beds.

Limited visitation its hard, certainly for more youthful kids. Teenagers can understand whats going on, more youthful children might not understand,” Dunbar said.

According to Louisianas health department, 90% of the more than 5,000 Covid cases from July 15-21 were individuals who were not totally immunized.

A childrens hospital in Louisiana is experiencing a wave of Covid-19 hospitalizations as the Delta alternative pervades the region.

” You begin with the pandemic for the last 18 months, and then RSV for the last couple of months, it simply appears to be something after another thats keeping our teams extremely hectic,” Dunbar said.

For keeping kids safe at school, Dunbar said trainees 12-years-old and older need to get immunized. For students who are disqualified for the vaccine, Dunbar stated the answer is masking and social distancing.

The childrens hospital deals with children as young as 4 weeks up to 17 years, she stated.

The cases in July comprise almost half of all of the positive cases the hospital has seen this year, as well as almost half of all of the positive cases from the very first wave of the pandemic from March-August 2020, Terry stated.

” Theres still unknown and worry in Covid, in particular what that might imply for a child in the short and long term.”.

Dunbar associates the spike in cases to the Delta version, which he stated is prevalent in the Baton Rouge neighborhood, as well as low vaccination numbers statewide.

An authorities at Our Girl of the Lake Childrens Healthcare facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, says a spike in cases can be credited to the Delta version.

In July alone, 62 children entered into the emergency space and checked favorable with Covid-19, with 58 of them concerning the medical facility in the past 2 weeks, Nicole Terry, the communications manager for Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System, stated Friday.

Dunbar stated they are seeing more kids ill from a respiratory standpoint and an increase in those who are acutely ill from Covid-19. Many kids require breathing assistance of some kind, whether it be additional oxygen or breathing tubes, he added.

Dr. Trey Dunbar, president of Our Lady of the Lake Childrens Hospital, stated the spike in Covid-19 cases right now is twice what they saw in the pandemics initial surge last year.

In comparison, just 18 children concerned the emergency clinic with Covid-19 in all of June, Terry stated.


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