Awesome: TSA Now Allows Full-Size Sunscreen In Carry-Ons – One Mile at a Time

As a kid I was constantly encouraged to go outside without sunscreen to “get Vitamin D,” due to the fact that it was apparently great for me. I do not understand if its generational or what, however Im pleased to have actually discovered the error in my ways.
Ford uses sunscreen every single day (even just going about day-to-day activities), and Ive started to do that many days. While that appeared like an unusual idea in the past, skin cancer is among the most easily avoidable kinds of cancer, so theres no reason not to take safety measures.
Personally Im pleased about this change, since as you d anticipate, when we go on beach getaways we jointly utilize lots of ounces of sunscreen, even though we dont ever lay out in the sun. Theres always the tradeoff in between examining a bag simply for sunscreen and investing a long period of time waiting at the baggage belt, and purchasing overpriced sunscreen at the destination.
While this is a remarkable modification, my one point of frustration is that this only applies at TSA checkpoints, and not somewhere else in the world. For example, if youre traveling to the Maldives and connecting at a Gulf provider center, you still wont be able to take sun block through checkpoints there.
This is terrific for domestic trips, or for trips where youre flying nonstop from the United States to your last destination. However its less helpful for international trips, where it would usually be the most important (considered that some resorts in the Maldives rate sun block as if its Cristal).
This is of limited use for global travel
Bottom line
You can now take full-size bottles of sun block through TSA checkpoints, which is awesome news. This comes as sun block is being categorized as a clinically needed item.
Skin cancer is so common yet so avoidable, and hopefully this modification helps secure people when taking a trip.
For that matter, can we simply get rid of the liquids prohibit entirely? Water is likewise essential to sustain life, yet thats prohibited at checkpoints …
Anyone else thrilled about this new sun block exception at TSA checkpoints?
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Take sunscreen through TSA checkpoints
As most of you are most likely conscious, youre normally restricted to taking liquids of no greater than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) through TSA checkpoints There are some exceptions, like clinically required products.
Well, for those who utilize sunscreen, theres some exceptional news– since April 7, 2021, you can take full size sunscreen (SPF products) through TSA checkpoints.
Simply put, you can take sun block bottles of more than 3.4 ounces through security, you simply need to “state” them to a TSA representative when youre at the checkpoint (or I suppose you can try not stating them, and see if the TSA catches it).
You can now take full-size sunscreen through TSA checkpoints.
Why is sun block now allowed through TSA checkpoints?
The reason for this change is that sun block has been added to the TSAs list of medically-approved liquids, gels, and aerosols, that can be brought through checkpoints, which otherwise includes things like contact option, hand sanitizer, and medication.
This followed the Department of Dermatology at Brown University challenged the TSA on sunscreen, arguing that sun block is required to protect versus skin cancer.
Skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer, with roughly 9,500 individuals being diagnosed with it each and every single day in the United States alone. Research suggests that increasing sunscreen usage by 5% every year for 10 years would cause a 10% reduction in melanoma in the United States, which is the deadliest kind of skin cancer.
The typical adult requires 1.4 ounces of sunscreen per application, and reapplication is advised every two hours. To put it simply, following that recommendation, you d satisfy your 3.4 ounce allocation after simply two applications for someone.
Im thrilled about this change
A decade back this change would have indicated nothing to me. Thankfully Ford has actually taught me a couple of things in the years weve been together, and among those is the significance of sun block.

Heres a wonderful change thats going to conserve me both money and inconvenience.

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