As dentists reopened in late spring, very few got Covid-19, survey finds – NBC News

Rates of Covid-19 among dental professionals were low in the late spring, as dental practices resumed and clients returned, a report released Thursday from the American Dental Association suggests.Researchers carried out an across the country survey June 8 with responses from more than 2,000 dental practitioners from across the country. These included screening protocols for clients and disinfection practices.RelatedHowever, while nearly all dental experts reported some usage of individual protective equipment, just 73 percent of dental practitioners reported using PPE in accordance with nationwide guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” While dental professionals are able to secure themselves during and between client treatment, the patients must get treatment without wearing a face covering,” Anthony, who was also not included with the report, said.Anthony said the huge question that remains is whether or not these procedures taken will forbid the spread of the infection between patients who are visiting at various times.

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