Anderson Cooper tears MyPillow CEO open like a bag of chips – Boing Boing

Anyhow, heres Anderson Cooper casually eviscerating Lindell and his bullshit throughout an 11-minute interview. Enjoy.

Mike Lindell is the CEO of MyPillow. Its a pillow company! When he claims that oleandrin is an unbelievable advancement in the fight versus COVID-19, you know you can trust him. But hey, if the medical viewpoint of a pillow company manager isnt enough for you, you can feel confident that supplement has actually been vetted by the FDA!

All of this is cool, though, as Lindell has talked to a physician on the matter. Dr. Ben Carson stated that using Oleandrin was completely amazing for dealing with a disease thats killed over 173,000 Americans, not to mention ball games COVID-19 of deaths, worldwide. Yes, Dr. Ben Carson: the Oreos guy.

Hence far, nevertheless, theres no peer-reviewed research study of it being useful, in any capability, in the battle against COVID-19. Did I mention that Lindell was effectively dinged for one-million dollars for making bullshit medical claims about his businesss pillows, back in 2016?

Other than, no. To all of this.

Image by means of Flickr, thanks to Gage Skidmore


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