Anatomy of a health conundrum: The racial gap in vaccinations – The Washington Post

A 16-year-old can be found in to get STD screening, and she stated, “I dont desire anyone sticking any needles in me. Healthcare facilities provide you covid that method.” Her uncle informed her that the medical facilities were the ones injecting covid into patients. The exact same uncle said covid was fake and produced by the health centers which for a vaccine to work, they need to make one specific vaccine for each individual. Crazy stuff.I kindly described to her how infections work, and I explained to her how vaccines work. By the end of it, she resembled, “Okay,” so I hope that I made some headway with her. I remained in that space for way too long for somebody who came in to be looked for STDs, but she didnt really comprehend. She was very scared.Nwakanma

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