Am I eligible for a coronavirus booster shot? – The Washington Post

Millions of people in the United States are qualified to get a coronavirus vaccine booster shot, but the complicated regulative process can make it hard to figure out if you are one of them.Now that a lot of U.S. grownups are vaccinated and children under 12 will most likely be eligible soon, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has actually started to advise a booster dose for high-risk grownups to supercharge the immune systems ability to battle off covid-19 and safeguard against its most serious effects.Whether the CDC suggests you get one depends on your age, health, living circumstance, task, how long ago you were initially vaccinated and which vaccine you received. Not every jurisdiction or health care supplier follows CDC suggestions, so some may use different criteria to identify who can get a booster and which one they ought to get. Boosters are most likely to end up being readily available to additional groups in the coming months, and we will update this calculator as the CDC announces recently qualified groups.Related stories:- Tracking vaccinations, state by state- Tracking cases and deaths in the U.S.- What we know about vaccines for kids under age 12- Cases and deaths worldwideGrace Moon contributed to this report.

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