Alaska parents can now schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments for children 12 and up, officials say – Anchorage Daily News

State public-health authorities on Monday started enabling Alaska parents to sign up their children 12 and up for COVID-19 vaccine consultations, which will begin as early as Wednesday. That relocation remains in response to a Monday decision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to give an Emergency Use Authorization to drug company Pfizer for use of its brand-new vaccine for individuals ages 12 through 15. A federal advisory committee to the CDC is set up to review the data from the FDA and offer its last suggestions early in the day on Wednesday, stated Dr. Anne Zink, Alaskas chief medical officer, during a call with reporters. The CDC will then provide their suggestion on Wednesday, too. “We do expect that they will likely also recommend this vaccine for those 12 to 15,” Zink stated. With those last approvals, Alaska vaccine companies will have the thumbs-up to start immunizing kids 12 and up, likely late Wednesday afternoon, Zink said– which is why Wednesday is the first day readily available for appointments. “We are ecstatic that it has an emergency usage authorization, which we can have more Alaskans protected from COVID-19,” Zink stated. “While kids tend to do extremely well with COVID, they tend to be asymptomatic or slightly symptomatic, we still see kids get ill, we still see kids hospitalized, and we understand that they can spread it to adults,” she said. Pfizers vaccine had already been authorized in the U.S. and in Alaska for teenagers as young as 16, and Canada just recently became the very first to expand usage to 12 and up. Lots of moms and dads, school administrators and public health authorities around the globe have excitedly awaited approval for the shot to be made available to more kids. “This is actually an essential advance in our ability to secure kids from COVID-19,” said Dr. Joe McLaughlin, Alaskas state epidemiologist, throughout call with reporters on Monday. In Alaska, 23 kids under the age of 16 have up until now been hospitalized with COVID-19– and at least 8 developed a major inflammatory syndrome after recent COVID-19 infections, according to a recent report from state health authorities. The federal choice was based on an evaluation by the FDA that the Pfizer vaccine is both safe and reliable for young people based on trials conducted in more than 2,000 kids ages 12 to 15. Throughout that trial, no cases of COVID-19 happened in the immunized group of 1,131 children, while 18 of the 1,129 kids in the placebo group did test positive for the virus. There are over 40,000 Alaskans ages 12 through 15 in the state. Officials state the state has enough Pfizer vaccine for them, though theyre not yet sure what the uptake will be. “We do have enough Pfizer vaccine in stock, and have actually been expecting this move, and are delighted for Wednesday afternoon,” Zink stated. The state is now in the procedure of upgrading its vaccine scheduling sites to show the change, she added. Moms and dads can now start scheduling vaccine consultations for Wednesday and beyond for their children by visiting or calling 907-646-3322. Moms and dads must make certain the center theyre picking has Pfizer vaccine available, as it is the only vaccine that has actually been licensed for use in children. Many pediatricians and physicians offices will be able to offer the vaccine to kids as well, and moms and dads can contact their kids physician to see if thats an alternative.

State public-health officials on Monday started permitting Alaska parents to sign up their children 12 and up for COVID-19 vaccine appointments, which will start as early as Wednesday. Parents can now start scheduling vaccine visits for Wednesday and beyond for their children by going to or calling 907-646-3322. Parents should make sure the center theyre picking has Pfizer vaccine offered, as it is the only vaccine that has been authorized for use in children. Lots of pediatricians and physicians workplaces will be able to provide the vaccine to children as well, and moms and dads can call their kids physician to see if thats a choice.

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