A Small Brazilian Town Is Beating Covid-19 Through a Unique Experiment – The Wall Street Journal

SERRANA, Brazil– This town of 45,000 individuals in southeastern Brazil has been at the center of an unique experiment for the past 3 months: vaccinate almost every adult against Covid-19 and see what happens.
In recent weeks, after the majority of the grownups here got their second dose, Covid-19 cases and deaths plunged and life has begun to return to regular as the pandemic continues to rave across Brazil.
In the heart of Serrana, kids screeched with laughter as they went after each other throughout the main square, while groups of friends– many unmasked– stopped to chat and bask in the afternoon sun.
” We do not hesitate,” said Homero Cavalheri, 68 years of ages, a retired designer who said he no longer invests his afternoons cooped up at house. He was strolling with his other half, Irene, and their 1-year-old grandson. “Everything is brand-new to him,” said Mr. Cavalheri, clutching the young boy. “He keeps pointing at all the trees and the birds.”
The experiment in Serrana, a town in Brazils sugar-cane-producing savanna, offers expect nations around the globe still coping coronavirus break outs that mass vaccination works. It also uses new evidence of the efficacy of Sinovacs Covid-19 vaccine, which is being presented in lots of establishing countries from Egypt to the Philippines.

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