A healthy sex life boosts long-term survival hopes for heart attack victims – CNN

“While sudden physical effort, such as having sex, can set off a heart attack, the long-lasting threat of heart problems is lowered by routine physical activity, the researchers said.While isolated episodes of sexual activity have been shown to set off heart issues in some cases, individuals who exercise regularly are at lower risk.The 495 clients were aged 65 years or under and hospitalized for their first heart attack in 1993. Gerber said sexual activity is a marker for a much better healing since of “enhanced physical fitness, more powerful partner relations, and a mental capability to bounce back from the preliminary shock of the event within a few months.Those who think they are in bad health might be less most likely to resume sexual activity, Gerber included, and they may likewise be less most likely to participate in cancer screenings or other health checkups.”This might discuss the strong inverse association between resumption of sexual activity and cancer death that was seen in our study,” he said.Gerber noted, however, that the fairly young age profile of individuals, as well as the small number of ladies included, may limit the strength of findings for older and female patients.He also highlighted that the research study does not assume that sexual activity is the only element that influences survival rates.

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