$75B to fix “flawed” U.S. COVID-19 testing – report – Seeking Alpha

According to a report from a bipartisan committee of experts assembled by the Rockefeller Foundation, the U.S. ought to invest a massive $75B to “repair” its “flawed” system of COVID-19 diagnostic screening.
Rapid expansion of screening capacity from todays 4.5 M tests each week to 30M tests per week by October.
Huge scale-up of screening tests to identify asymptomatic providers.
Minimize test processing time from todays 5-14 days to 48 hours (appears to be a logistics problem).
The Foundation says it will invest an extra $50M toward understanding the emergency requirements detailed in the report. It supplies no additional details to support the $75B figure.
The $25B the U.S. government dedicated for COVID-19 testing numerous months ago was not resolved. Those funds ought to be more than sufficient for scale up.
U.S. COVID-19 screening capability still constrained – AACC
Coronavirus testing offered in every state – CDC

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