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A new research study recommends that specific COVID-19 signs could predict for how long the signs might last, suggesting there are symptoms that predict whether somebody will end up being a long-hauler.
Whats going on?
A new research study released Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Medicine found that clients who experience 5 particular COVID-19 signs in the very first week of health problem are more likely to end up being long-haulers.
Those five signs consist of:

The research study found 13% of 4,000 individuals reported signs that lasted more than 28 days. Meanwhile, 4% reported symptoms for 8 weeks and 2% reported signs for more than 12 days, according to USA Today.
Study co-author Dr. Christina Astley, a physician scientist at Boston Childrens Hospital, told USA Today: “If you believe about it, 1 in 20 individuals who have COVID-19 will have symptoms lasting 8 weeks or more.”

Other research study
A research study from researchers at the University of Washington exposed a few of the typical COVID-19 signs for long-haulers consist of fatigue, which was reported by 13.6% of participants, and loss of smell and taste was also reported by 13.6%.
A different 13% said they experienced muscle pains, breathing problems, cough and brain fog months after infection, which I blogged about for the Deseret News.
“Our research indicates that the health repercussions of COVID-19 extend far beyond intense infection, even among those who experience moderate illness,” the authors wrote in the research study, according to LiveScience.

Hoarse voice
Muscle pain
Trouble breathing

A take a look at the numbers
Per USA Today, the study originates from scientists at Kings College London, Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Childrens Hospital. The research studys researchers asked COVID-19 patients from the U.S., U.K. and Sweden about their signs through a mobile phone app survey.

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