4 surprising reasons scientists think asymptomatic coronavirus cases are so common – Yahoo News

The coronavirus is a major, often-deadly pathogen, yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximates 40 percent of all cases are asymptomatic. One research group discovered that, amongst uninfected blood samples contributed to a blood bank in between 2015 and 2018, a “remarkable” 40 to 60 percent recognized the coronavirus, recommending some people may have an immune action based on memory of other, less potent coronaviruses.Vaccines: The Mayo Clinic is studying whether vaccines for other pathogens can secure against the infection, as has been shown in other circumstances. On the Diamond Princess, where masks werent used, 47 percent of the positive cases were asymptomatic, whereas an Antarctic-bound Argentine cruise ship that had a similar break out, but provided masks to all travelers and team, saw an 81 percent asymptomatic rate.

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