12-year-old girl on ventilator in MUSCs ICU for COVID-19 – Live 5 News WCSC

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) – A 12-year-old from Walterboro is currently on a ventilator at MUSCs Shawn Jenkins Childrens Hospital in downtown Charleston fighting COVID-19. Amari Goodwins mother, Misty, said her daughters signs progressed quickly at the start of August. The child couldnt breathe, had a 104 degree fever and was tossing up.When Misty took her daughter to the immediate care, she was diagnosed with COVID-19, pneumonia and RSV.”Once she started coughing up blood in her phlegm, I resembled no thats enough,” she stated. “Thats when we came to the healthcare facility.”Watching her child battle day and night because Aug. 5 to eliminate the virus has actually been a living problem for Misty. She stated Amari was admitted to the ICU at MUSC Aug. 11.”Youre just in there watching her,” she said. “You cant do absolutely nothing to fix it. And after that Im attempting to balance all of my kids. No one can come see her. Its just me, her and the devices.”Dr. Elizabeth Mack with MUSC said there are more clients like Amari coming through the doors. Since Wednesday, she said MUSC has actually had an overall of 180 people under 21-years-old hospitalized for COVID since the start of the pandemic.” [That] has been equally divided for 2020 and 2021,” she said. “However 20 percent of our 2021 numbers have remained in August and were refrained from doing with August. So if that gives you an indicator of how quickly weve seen the increase over the last month or so. And note that every kid hospitalized for COVID or MIS-C has been unvaccinated.”Misty said Amari is slowly making development. Doctors are weaning her off the sedation.”She can open her eyes,” she said. “Shell squeeze your hand.”But, Misty said the roadway to healing is a long one and said its one no kid or household need to have to deal with.”If we dont protect these kids, no one is going to secure them,” she stated. “If you can get immunized, I recommend you do it. You still have to wear your mask. It can take place to anybody. It do not matter young, old, what color, it does not matter. This infection dont care. Its going to hit who it can hit. Its going to keep going, so all of us have to do our part.”According to Misty, Amari had a consultation to get a COVID-19 vaccine in August however could not get the vaccine since she was already ill with COVID at that time.Copyright 2021 WCSC. All rights scheduled.

Amari Goodwins mom, Misty, said her daughters signs progressed rapidly at the beginning of August. She stated Amari was admitted to the ICU at MUSC Aug. 11.”Dr. Elizabeth Mack with MUSC stated there are more patients like Amari coming through the doors.”Misty stated Amari is slowly making development.”But, Misty said the road to healing is a long one and said its one no kid or household should have to deal with.

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