12 fully vaccinated people died of COVID in L.A. County, showing shots work ‘extraordinarily well,’ health officials say – KTLA Los Angeles

While vaccine distribution has slowed, Ferrer revealed “fantastic hope in getting to where we want to be with our younger age groups.” She also stated theres been an uptick in the vaccination rate amongst some racial groups hardest struck by the pandemic, but variation remains.

Theres been a relative increase of 136% amongst 16- and 17-year-olds, 37% among 18- to 29-year-olds, and 27% amongst 30- to 49-year-olds, who Ferrer stated “form the core of L.A. Countys workforce.”

Variations continue to position a hazard to the unvaccinated, and the UK variant has actually surpassed the homegrown California one in the county. Amongst positive tests sampled recently, 53% were the UK variant, none were the California variation, and 6 were the Brazil variation, Ferrer said.

In L.A. County, more than 5 million people have actually received at least one dosage, and 47% of citizens 16 and older are totally immunized. And because the county started vaccinating their age last Thursday, 6% of 12- to 15-year-olds have actually gotten a shot.

Of the nearly 3.3 million completely vaccinated individuals consisted of in the data, 12 contracted COVID-19 and passed away, and four of them had badly weakened immune systems, Ferrer stated.

She included that the favorable tests include those who are asymptomatic with no recognized exposure, and who are required to check for work or to receive treatment. Theres also likely to be individuals who received an incorrect favorable test outcome.

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” This means that in the real world, in the United States, being completely vaccinated kept nearly 99% of individuals who would have been hospitalized for COVID out of the healthcare facility,” Ferrer said.

Amongst Latinx adults the relative increase was 34%, 26% amongst black adults, and in the low 20s for Native Americans and Asian adults, however the increase was 18% amongst white adults.

An overall of 933 people, or about.03%, tested favorable for the virus after being fully immunized. And 71 of them, or.002%, were hospitalized for those infections, according to the information.

Correction: A previous variation of this story gave an incorrect figure for the number of completely vaccinated individuals in the Houston research study. This post has actually been updated.

Ferrer cited another research study done at a health center in Houston, Texas, that revealed 170 of about 23,000 completely immunized individuals were hospitalized with COVID, while 1,700 of about 64,000 unvaccinated individuals were hospitalized. Thats 0.7% versus 2.7% and yields a vaccine efficiency rate of about 99%, she stated.

” Over these next few weeks as we get ready for our complete resuming, we do require to double down on our efforts to minimize any barriers to vaccination in hard-hit neighborhoods,” she stated.

” These numbers reveal that the vaccine is working extremely well to avoid infection, disease and death in nearly everyone vaccinated,” Ferrer said.

” We do currently understand that individuals with weak immune systems might not generate adequate defense in reaction to the vaccine,” she stated. “So this finding is a signal to us that individuals whose immune systems are suppressed might need to continue to take extra steps to protect themselves in seasons and in circumstances where COVID and other breathing infections are spreading more easily.”

This chart was released May 20, 2021, by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The departments director, Barbara Ferrer, noted the circles are not proportional.

Information on “advancement cases,” or individuals who test favorable for coronavirus regardless of being completely vaccinated, shows that only 0.00036% of them went on to die from the infection, Barbara Ferrer, the countys public health director, stated in a news rundown.

The health director states hospitalizations, infections and deaths continue to see “very little” declines, something she called “welcome news.” The county reported 19 extra deaths and 245 brand-new cases Thursday.

Still, it hasnt been enough to close the gap among richer, whiter communities and poorer, darker ones, Ferrer stated.

” Recent research study findings supply additional proof that our currently readily available vaccines seem highly reliable against the versions of concern that are distributing here now,” she added.

With millions of people in Los Angeles County now completely vaccinated versus COVID-19, public health authorities said Thursday that evidence is becoming clearer that the shots offer exceptional defense against illness and death from the virus.

” One reason that transmission is so low in L.A. County is since the vaccines are effective and reliable,” Ferrer said.

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